This 1 1/2" wide 14g aluminum cuff is food safe, and though you most likely wouldn't cook a tiny meal on it, you very well could! The cuff is covered in leather, but you personalize it with up to a 10-letter name or word and the stencil cutout allows the metal to shine through!

The cuff is 6" long and the aluminum is pliable, able to form to most wrist sizes. *.
*Leather is a natural material. Because of this, the leather has imperfections such as nicks and scratches which give the piece character and are admired by those who appreciate quality leather. Please note that there will be slight variations in color from piece to piece which is simply a result of the tanning process on a natural product. The final product may vary in tone from the website images and be darker or lighter.

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1 1/2" personalized Horween leather-covered aluminum cuff - $74.99


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