The two of you can remember a special place together with "his and hers" latitude/longitude leather bracelets. No one else needs to know the "code", but it's fun to share your story! Popular locations include the place you met, the site of your wedding, or the hospital where your children were born. Bracelets are made from genuine Horween leather, the 100 year old Chicago company, and are accented with antique brass hardware for a vintage look.

His bracelet measures 3/4" wide - choose from 4 different lengths**
Her bracelet measures 5/8" wide - choose from 4 different lengths**
** please let us know if you need a slightly larger or smaller size - we can usually accommodate!
*Leather is a natural material. Because of this, the leather has imperfections such as nicks and scratches which give the piece character and are admired by those who appreciate quality leather. Please note that there will be slight variations in color from piece to piece which is simply a result of the tanning process on a natural product. The final product may vary in tone from the website images and be darker or lighter. Thickness of the leather also can have sleight variations, even from the same hide.
His and Hers Horween Leather GPS bracelets - both bracelets included! - $59.99
You can use any number of websites to look up the coordinates of your special place. Many customers use However, you may want to verify coordinates are correct by checking more than one site.

Copy (CTRL-C) and Paste (CTRL-V) into the respective fields below to create your bracelets.

His bracelet:
DMS latitude
His Bracelet Thickness:
His Wrist Size:
DMS longitude
Her bracelet:
DMS latitude
Her Bracelet Thickness:
Her Wrist Size:
DMS longitude

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