Spice up any room with these colorful metal letters! Each letter is has a vintage, rusty, distressed look, and when placed next to the other letters on a shelf, mantel, or hung on a wall, the resulting effect is stunning!

Spell out a first name, last name, inspirational word, even a phrase!

Each letter is approximately 8" x 10", printed on 18g aluminum. The back side has a protective film on it, which can be left on or removed. Be careful when handling - the corners can be sharp and can scratch things - people, the other letters in your order, etc. Take note that a 6 letter name will take up roughly 10" x 48" of wall or shelf space, for example.

If you plan to hang these on a wall rather than lean them, choose the "Hanging Hole" option. We will punch a hole in each letter large enough for a small nail for only $0.25 a letter - you can choose that option before adding the letter to your cart. The hole in each letter will be placed about 1/2" from the top.

Industrial Colorful Metal Alphabet Names - each letter 8" x 10" - from $19.99

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