Common questions

How do I find the status of my order?

You can click on our Order Lookup tab at the bottom of each page on the site. Simply enter the billing zip code you used during checkout and our 8-digit order ID, and the original invoice will be displayed with the current status of the order. We have four statuses for each order. When we first receive your order, the status will show "Pending". When we start to process your order status will show "In Production". When it is complete the status will show "Ready to Ship". When we generate a shipping label your order will show "Shipped" and you should receive a tracking number via email which is also available on our Order Lookup page.

Did my order go through?

If you reach an order confirmation page with an 8-digit order ID and a copy of your order details your order went through! If you don't reach this page, your order most likely did not go through. All of our order ID's are 8-digits, numbers only. We also send an email automatically when you reach the order confirmation page. Please check your spam folder if it is not in your inbox. Unless our site is whitelisted by you, it may go into junk mail.

How do I get a damaged or incorrect item replaced?

The day you receive your order, please check to make sure it is correct and in good shape. If there is anything amiss, please contact us immediately. We can replace damaged items within 7 days of receipt, so don't delay.

Why must I give an email address to get a response?

We will always try to troubleshoot via email first, mainly because we have run into issues in the past of reaching a voicemail and going back and forth over the course of multiple days to solve a simple issue. With an initial email response, we can answer your questions and solve issues 99% of the time with one email. If we find we are unable to do that, we can set up a convenient time when you are available to have a phone conversation. Email can streamline the communication process for both of us!

When should I receive my order?

You will see a date you should receive your order as you add an item to your cart, at the bottom of the homepage, create page, and in your order confirmation - both on the page and in the email. From time to time there will be extenuating circumstances that could cause a delay. While we don't have any type of guarantee for order delivery, we will try our best to get your items to you by the date shown. Please contact us if you have a need to receive an item more quickly than the date shown, and we can give other shipping options to guarantee faster delivery!

If the above information did not resolve your question, please feel free to fill out the web submission form below or you can also email us directly at We will respond within one business day.

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